Hours:    Monday – Friday 8am – noon & 4pm – 7pm        Saturday – Sunday 9am – noon & 4pm – 6pm

Boarding services are provided on a reservation basis for dogs and cats.  Rates are assigned based on the size of the pet.  You will be charged for the day you check in regardless of the drop-off time.  If you pick up before noon on your departure day then you do not get charged for that last day.  If you are boarding two dogs in the same kennel, you will receive a $3 discount off one of the dogs per day.  However, we will separate your dogs if they are fighting or not getting along.  Boarding appointments can be made whenever, but it is advised to make an appointment at least a week early, even earlier when scheduling a stay over a holiday.

  • small – $20
  • medium – $21
  • large – $22
  • giant – $23
  • cat – $15

Monthly Discount:  31 days for the price of 25 (6 free days of boarding!)

You can get your pet bathed on its departure day for $25, and you will not be charged for their last day here regardless of what time you pick your pet up.  We do encourage afternoon pick-ups when they get a bath so your dog can be bathed the same day they are scheduled to be picked up and have time to dry.  If your dog is staying for 2 weeks or more, they will receive a free bath on their pick-up day.  If additional grooming is needed, an appointment with the groomer is required and should be made at the time of the boarding reservation.

Dogs each have their own indoor kennel (approx. 3′ x 4′) which is directly attached to their own individual 12′ cement run.  While outside they can see other dogs but are not put out with them.

Cats are boarded in a separate building from the dogs, in a house we have on the property.  They will never be with cats they do not know, and depending on how busy we are, if they are a family we will do our best to keep them together for comfort (unless we are told otherwise by the owner).


FOOD:  We provide Diamond Adult Maintenance (chicken based) dry food and Pedigree canned food at no additional charge.  However, if your dog is on a special diet, has a sensitive stomach, allergies, or still eats puppy food, we recommend supplying your own food.  We provide Meow Mix for cats, and name brand wet food, however, if your cat is a picky eater we recommend bringing your cat’s own food.

BEDDING:  Bedding is permitted as long as it is machine washable.  Please keep in mind that whatever you bring may be ruined while your pet stays since they sometimes react differently to being somewhere else, so please don’t bring anything expensive.

TOYS, TREATS AND PERSONAL ITEMS:  All are welcome, however, we are not responsible for lost items.  If you have anything expensive, or that you require back, we recommend that you do not bring it with your pet for their stay.

MEDICATION:  We will give your pet any medication that they are currently taking.  We just need you to provide us with detailed instructions on how much they take, and how they take it (ex: pills – in food, with food, how often, ect.).  If pill pockets, cheese, ect. is needed in order for your pet to take any pills, please bring them with your pet.  This service is provided at no additional charge in most situations, special circumstances apply.

VACCINATIONS:  Current vaccination records MUST be on file for all boarding animals, including Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella.  Either bring them with you on your drop-off day, or have your veterinary’s office fax them to us prior to your animals stay.


Seven days – Mid-Winter Break, Easter/Spring Break, Christmas/New Years

Four days – Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day and Thanksgiving


A credit card is required on file to hold all holiday and school break reservations.  You have a week before your pets drop-off date to cancel, canceling after that will result in a $50 cancellation fee per kennel booked.